From a Parent

My son Will started taking lessons with Terry Keevil 5 years ago when he was in 6th grade.  My son, at that age, had boundless enthusiasm for music but also struggled at times to focus due to his ADD.  I was impressed right away with Terry’s patient, good humored and even-tempered approach to teaching that harnessed my son’s enthusiasm while guiding him in the necessary focus and discipline to hone his skill and technique.  Under Terry’s tutelage, my son became increasingly confident with scales and sight reading, two important components in the NYSSMA solo performance.   

Terry has also been quite generous with his time, giving advice and helping to guide us through the very important and nuanced process of buying an oboe that best complimented Will’s strengths.  When Will decided to take up English Horn as well, Terry again guided us through the renting and eventual purchase of an instrument that best matched Will’s playing style.  Terry has attended many of Will’s concerts and performances and has never missed one of Will’s NYSSMA solo auditions.  Will’s appreciation of music has broadened through his participation in Terry’s improvisation workshops and attendance at many of Terry’s performances in various ensembles. 

Terry’s excellent teaching is reflected in Will’s NYSSMA scores of 100 on level 6 solos for four years in a row.  Last Spring Will was finally old enough for the All-State competition and was selected for the All- State Symphony Orchestra on both English Horn and oboe.  Even if Will chooses not to pursue music beyond college, his time spent with Terry has given him a deeper appreciation of musical performance and interpretation that will last a lifetime. 

Noelle Dunlop 

From a Student

I have been studying with Terry for over 5 years.  I am an older student that resumed playing the oboe later in life with the goal of playing in a community orchestra.  Terry has been an excellent teacher.  His instruction has been comprehensive and specifically geared to my needs.  He not only concentrates on technique but also on how to play “musically.”  He makes lessons challenging but fun.  I am currently playing in a community orchestra.  Terry helps me to interpret the music and understand my role in relation to the rest of the symphony.  I plan to continue to study with Terry as long as possible. 

 Marilyn Stern